A Day in the Life of a Work From Home Freelancer

7:30 am — Alarm goes off for the husband to get up. Freelancer goes back to sleep.

8:20 am — Husband leaves. Freelancer sits on phone in bed.

9:45 am — Freelancer finally crawls out of bed and starts making breakfast.

10:05 am — Freelancer puts Netflix show on. Says she’ll just watch one episode. Watches three.

12:15 pm — Freelancer decides it’s probably best if she does some actual work, so she turns on the computer and checks her email. She remembers that she needs something on Amazon and is immediately dropped into a black hole of online shopping.

1:45 pm — Freelancer decides she should probably eat lunch, despite not being that hungry, so she makes something small.

1:55 pm — The small thing just made the freelancer more hungry, so she eats more.

2:10 pm — Freelancer sits down to actually do some work but gets distracted finding the perfect playlist for her mood (despite it being the same mood she’s in every day).

2:20 pm — The playlist has been chosen, so the Freelancer starts working.

3:45 pm — Husband texts to say he’s coming home early to beat rush hour traffic and will work from home for the evening. Freelancer rushes around to tidy so her husband doesn’t think she’s just sat around on her ass all day, despite that being exactly what she’s done.

4:30 pm — Husband gets home. Freelancer distracts him for a while before he says he has to get to work.

4:50 pm — Freelancer sits down to try to pick up where she left off. It takes her a while to get in the zone, but she gets there eventually.

6:30 pm — Husband asks when dinner is happening. Not because he expects the freelancer to do all the cooking, but because she insists on it, half because she’s a control freak and half because she feels like she should since she’s the one who works from home. She says it won’t be long.

7:15 pm — Husband says he’s getting hungry and asks if he can make dinner instead. Freelancer thinks about the recipe and tries to tell him what to do, but it’s too hard to explain, so she gives in and makes it herself.

7:50 pm — Dinner is ready, and the husband turns on the TV for them to watch while they eat. The freelancer says she needs to do some work after this episode.

8:30 pm — The episode is over. The freelancer says one more is fine.

9:15 pm — Freelancer finally sits down to do a few more bits before the day is completely gone.

10:30 pm — Husband is going to bed, so the freelancer decides to go too, swearing to get up with her husband in the morning.

11:10 pm — Husband falls asleep. Freelancer sits on her phone in bed.

12:05 am — Freelancer finally puts her phone down and closes her eyes.

12:30 am — Freelancer falls asleep.

Rinse and repeat.

LifeSamantha Gale